Women and Media

A century of struggle
against sexism


MACHO MEDIA: Woman and media – A century of struggle against sexism

To underline the first anniversary of NewsMuseum - the biggest Media Age Experience in Europe, on April 25, 2017, we will inaugurate a temporary exhibition - Macho Media.

The project Capazes supports this initiative as a partner and curator, and intends to show that social phenomenon of female’s lack of recognition happens in every area, including Communication and Journalism.

Through the lens of the Media, we reviewed the milestones of a centenary struggle for female emancipation. More than a century of important media events in the feminist movement. A theme that reschedules the media agenda.

Rita Ferro Rodrigues

By Rita Ferro Rodrigues

More than a century of important media episodes of the feminist movement.

Through media’s lenses, we pass by the milestones of a centenary struggle for equality of rights between women and men.

The invisibility of women, in their fights and achievements, are only water drops on the rain hood of the patriarchal society that governs us.

The lack of knowledge of what it means to be a woman is a social phenomenon that occurs in all areas, including Communication and Journalism.

In 200º degrees we dive in the stories of struggles, achievements and women's liberation.

NewsMuseum as a mirror of the Media, and CAPAZES, as a stamp of the struggle for gender equality, present the same question: Women are invisible in the Media.

The denial of a right. The struggle that existed and still lasts for the right to vote.

The Public Relations torches that set fire to old costumes. The demystification of the “woman” stereotype.

War Propaganda. Women and work. The faces and the icons. The affirmation of women in the labour world as a consequence of World War II.

Pill: the generational mediator. The social consequences of contraception.

The most media flames of 1968. An iconic protest for gender equality.

The Three Marias process. The story of Maria Teresa Horta, Maria Isabel Barreno and Maria Velho da Costa who challenged the power of Estado Novo with the publication of the book Novas Cartas Portuguesas.

The plural feminism. The impact and reading of meanings of bikini and burkini in different cultures.

The paths and careers of women who lead. The personalities that stand out in the most varied areas of society.

To the conquest of rights. The legal balance of women's rights.

Let's encourage debate, reflection and discussion.

A fight against invisibility, fought as much on the streets as on paper or on television.

A struggle for a voice to be citizens of full right.

A struggle made of defeats, but also of resilience and conquests.

A struggle that did not end.

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